The Adventure of Being Lost With Grandma

posted Jun 13, 2016, 4:17 PM by Justeen Bond

A few years ago I had a much smaller Michael, Hayley and Andrew in the back seat of my car than they are now.  Their mom and dad were busy painting their new house and so were happy that their little ones were to be entertained by Grandma for the day.

The family had moved to a new city so even though I was in a strange town, I had confidence in my ability to follow the directions written down, and started out on "our" day.  We had a good time doing and going wherever the children chose to go.  You see, when I am with my grandchildren I love doing what they love to do.  I have fewer rules with them then I did when raising my 3 sons.  All that is expected is kindness.  Pretty simple, isn't it?

So, off we go and soon the day was coming to an end.  It was time to go see what progress mom and dad had made and have dinner.  After one of the children from the back seat called on the cell, (you see, I had not quite gotten the hang of using them) to tell Mom and Dad that we were on our way home, we started home.

As time went on and it seemed we were no nearer home than when we started there, one of the children said, "Are we lost, Grandma?"

"Lost?" I said.  "No, I am here, I haven't lost myself and you guys are all here.  We are fine.  We will just call Dad and find out how to get home.  This is an adventure."

We did get home the end of that day, and - the next day?  We had another day out.  Yes, those three brave children again climbed into the back seat of my car.  And after another fantastic day of going where they wanted to go and doing what they wanted to do, we started home.

When I again had to use the skill of one of my gifted grandchildren to call Dad to guide us home, one of the children said, "Going anywhere with Grandma is an adventure."

I laughed just recently when visiting this same wonderful family and the oldest child, who is now in high school, said, "I remember the "adventures" we always had when you took us anywhere, Grandma."  He wanted to go on another one.

These moments we have as grandparents can seem like chaos or high adventure, according to our attitude.  And the memory and life lessons passed on to the very important people in our life, change according to what we are teaching by our approach to the "adventures."